Proven Benefits of Tiling

  • Higher Yields - Tile can take the worst yielding areas of the field and turn them into some of your best yielding areas (EVEN ON BELOW AVERAGE RAIN FALL YEARS Drainage pays.)
  • Deeper Root Growth - These over saturated areas stunt root growth early on in the growing season. They also never amount to much of anything because the plant can never get a good start with a healthy root system.
  • Earlier Planting and Harvesting- Get the Field planted sooner and the Entire field is ready to plant at the same time.
  • Increased Microbial Activity - Removal of excess moisture increases and promotes bacterial action in the soil, leading to increased yields.
  • Better Aeration of the Soil - With excess moisture removed, the oxygen balance of your fields reaches proper levels-promoting plant growth.
  • Removes Waist Ground - Eliminates Salt and Alkali areas in the field. These do not go away entirely in the first year, usually takes a few years for all the salt to work its way through the soil down and out the tile lines. Seeds can handle a couple days of cold weather much better when the ground isn't completely saturated. Plants can have a healthier start and can create a much larger root system.
  • Increases the Value of the Land - Tiling is a Long Term investment and all auctioneers will say that tiled ground brings more at auction. Tile helps bring top dollar for auction and/or for rent.
  • Better Fertilizer Usage - Excess moisture can make your valuable inputs unavailable. The proper balance of moisture, oxygen and organic matter can more readily be achieved and maintained through proper system drainage. Fertilizers become more usable under these conditions and unnecessary run-off is decreased.
  • Total Field Farming - System drainage is a refreshing mindset. The objective is more than drying up wet areas. The goal is increased yield. Without question though, system drainage will show some of the greatest benefits in areas of persistent excess moisture problem transforming some of your least productive land into performance fields. Don't have to mud in the low areas plus no/little sidewall compaction.
  • Better for the Environment - Tiling helps to prevent chemical run off. Instead of a large run off during a heavy rain event there is room in the soil profile for the excess water. Plus the water that is drained out through the tile has been filtered by the soil. Tile water is just about as clean as tap water.
Proven Benefits of Tiling